Apple CarPlay / Android Auto wireless adapter - Beware of scams on Kickstarter

Beware of scams on Kickstarter similar to CarrGenie

CarrGenie: Redefined Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter -
US$ 741,869 pledged of US$ 5,000 goal.

I hope no one in these forums have backed that project and lost money

Always good to be cautious but no I don’t think this a scam at all!

This product can easily work (from a techincal point of view). Android Auto is a video stream and touch input basically, so if you reverse engineered the protocol and sent something different than Android Auto you could essentially use the Android Auto protocol to send whatever you want, same for CarPlay.

Infact there are already working examples that send custom information, the app AAGateway sends it’s own custom Splashscreen in certain modes.

Personally the first part of this website makes me think the reviewer has no idea what they are on about

  1. it won’t add AA or CarPlay to non AA/Carplay cars
  2. This setup process is common to all wireless dongles, AAWireless, Carplay ones, Motorola’s one etc.

The kickstarter even says this

It also doesn’t use Bluetooth, it uses bluetooth to detect the device, once dected it will use WiFi as BT does not have the bandwidth required.

I would call this some chinese product, not necessarily a scam


This image even has a delay, about the same amount of delay that Wireless AA/CarPlay has, therefore i honestly believe this is a legit project.


They have 2 models, a CarrGenie and a CarrGenie Pro,

the CarGenie does wireless AA and Wireless CarPlay just like AAWireless and CPLAY2air
the CarGenie Pro converts your factory AA or factory CarPlay in to a full Android 11 system

That’s actually awesome!

UPDATE3: reading comments, the owners have replied to 10’s of 100’s of comments in the last 4 hours, while this doesn’t prove it’s a scam or not, it’s good to see they are atleast replying

none of this says it is or isn’t a scam, but technically it’s possible, and likely if not this product someone else is already doing this.


I’ve read the article and project , and it’s not android auto wireless, it’s something else. It mentions that it “puts” android 11 on your head unit, that’s not android auto.
So maybe it’s not describing exactly what the unit does, but it’s a bit confusing.

No it’s exactly what i said here

If that works, I agree it’s quite awesome.

I guess we will have to wait until they start shipping, if ever.
The recent updates from their side is that they are just finishing things before starting mass production.

I think backers can (and should) handle delays, but transparency is a different thing. If mid December they said they had issues with production, that’s ok.

Hopefully they will deliver.

Thank you @CyanLabs for checking this one…

It’s a relief that such a huge funding doesn’t end up as a scam…

Hopefully, like i said, i’m not sure but also not convinced it is a scam yet either.