Archive: Update all versions of Ford Sync 3 to the latest Sync 3.4 (Build 3.4.19200)

A guide on updating your Ford Sync 3 based car to the latest Sync 3.4 version, now with the latest F9 maps. Supported regions : Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, India, South East Asia, Israel, Turkey, Central America, China and more!

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No sorry this is EU only.

DAB radio logos will usually need a module upgrade on your car itself via something like ucds

radio logo usually requires a module software upgrade via UCDS or similiar. map issue is probably due to not having the correct maps for France, please check the link that has extra packages.


What country?

It should do yes.

no the format tool is a universal tool, you just need the US maps, i had a link to this the other day but unfortunately can't find it any more. i think i found it on the f150 forums, if you search enough i'm sure you will find it.

Should work, just remove the nav packages from your reformat.lst

I won't be supporting non UK as i can't test anything other than that, there are other guides online for US, France, etc. etc.