AsBuilt info/database for a few more C-Max specific modules?

Hoping to ask for a small favor here. Short version, I am trying to look into the AsBuilt data for the ABS and PSCM modules in my '13 C-Max. The existing DB’s here on CyanLabs do not seem to logically match up when I try to cross compare. So I’m curious if maybe this can be uncovered?

ABS - Antilock braking system
Part number: FV68-2C219-AJ
Calibration level: FV68-2C219-AJ
Strategy : FV68-2D053-CB

PSCM - Power Steering Control Module
Part number: CV61-3C579-AK
Calibration level: CV61-3C579-AK (latest known: CV61-3C579-AZ)
Strategy : CV6T-14C217-AH
Calibration: CV6T-14C218-AH

Longer version: Been doing some research fairly recently into retrofitting adaptive cruise if I can. Looks like the C1MCA models in the EU/UK had these features early on, especially the Mk3 Focus and the Mk2 C-Max which are the same generation as the NA C-Max. Some people on the Focus Fanatics forums have also been successful doing this after importing the necessary modules. I did play around with the BCM/Central Config which does have an option for ACC and after enabling it, I did get a couple DTCs specifically regarding not being able to communicate with the CCM which seems to imply there’s some programming in there for this.

However the ABS module does need to be updated to tell it ACC is available. Additionally lane keeping may also be possible (not something I am focused on currently, mainly due to the camera module and needing the correct windshield to match) but that also has a specific AsBuilt option in the PSCM to tell it lane keeping is available. So I’m curious if there’s any data on the AsBuilt options for these specific parts. If the necessary options don’t exist in those, it will basically kill this before things even get started.

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Following as I think I am in the same boat on my 15 PIU.