Automatic Updates and system resets

Hello, I have sync 3 v3.4 build 21194 that I installed from this site. No issues with it. I have a question regarding auto updates/restoring to factory settings. Am I able to do either of these functions since my truck technically didn’t come with 3.4? Or do
I leave it off and I’m stuck with this build?

The reason I ask, is I purchased the “magic box” which allows for wireless CarPlay and streaming apps on the infotainment screen but for some reason, the magic box will not connect to my sink. They suggest updating to the latest version as well as restoring to factory defaults. I don’t want to do this without asking just in case it breaks my sink system, has anyone had issues or use the magic box with the Cyan labs download?

For reference I have a 2018 F250 platinum

Thanks In advance!


Leave auto updates off, they won’t do anything if left on either, but leave it off.
About restoring factory settings: it only deletes user data, you will still be on your current build after it’s done.

If in the past you updated your unit with Syn3updater, why would you think that?.
You can update again to whatever you want with Syn3updater.

Does CP work on your vehicle without the “magic box”?.
If the answer is no, the magic box won’t either.
If the answer is yes, make sure you read the instructions for the magic box.

I’m saying this because I got a wireless dongle for Android Auto a while back and it had some very simple instructions for the first time connection. I had no issues with that since I bought it.

Again, make sure to follow the instructions. I remember that for the AA dongle I got I had to first connect the phone via cable and then reconnect the dongle in that same USB and then pair it with the phone wirelessly (or something among those lines)

And also, I’m still running 3.0… So there’s no reason for your box not to work on 3.4… Unless it’s not supported by Sync or viceversa, of course…

Yes, I followed the instructions. The one that I couldn’t get pass was literally plugging it in, and it popping up on its own to go to the settings. It wouldn’t pop up at all that’s when magic box suggested the water by factory reset to default’s and try again.

To answer your other question yes, CarPlay does work when plugged in no problems it’s just not recognizing the magic box

Do you have confirmation it works with Sync3?

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Yes as long as you have CarPlay it works. The Magic box is like the “name brand” of these wireless/streaming devices, I’ll just have to wait for their tech support to respond.

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