B and O Speakers and 9 Speaker Parts the Same?

Anyone take out the B and O system out of a 2020 Ford? I am very curious. My B and O speakers along with part number are the same as the 2019 Ford Edge Variant that DIDNT come with B and O. Makes me wonder. Sony replacement speakers were easy to tell because of the color. But with the B and O I noticed my mothers 9 speaker “Premium” (non B and O) setup is the same speakers and my 12 speaker B and O. Anyone else have seen this? Makes me wonder did ford goof and give my mom B and O or is Ford jiping us. Enclosed are the speaker pictures. Left in each one is the 2019 Non B and O variant front speakers. On the right 2020 B and O from the rear doors.

Same speakers but slightly different wiring and AMP for B&O. I believe the speakers will all be the same. I agree the Sony speakers were clearly different and not paper cones.

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Im kinda upset. Because I am led to believe the speakers themselves are different. Which they are not. Wiring, SUB and AMP is not how I would envision a “B and O” setup. Disappointing.

The speakers in the B&O systems are basically the same as the premium option, it is the amp and sub that are different. Lots of folks keep the amps and swap out the speakers with better aftermarket versions. This will make a difference for the better. Of course, some folks will argue that the B&O, and Sony amps, should be replaced also with aftermarket devices. To each their own.

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Yea for some reason people think they need a competition stereo in there from Ford.

They are also absolutely terrible :rofl:

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Well I was simply looking to give my mother a slight upgrade in sound. Not so much a competition unit.

Funny you mentioned that. I kept the amp and sub but replaced all other speakers. Lost my speaker chimes. Another issue I’ll start a new thread on.

Sorry I didn’t mean that in your case.

If you change the speakers and they are a different resistance value it could cause a DTC to be set in the ACM or DSP. Look for a DTC and clear it, then use FORScan to reset the ACM and/or DSP. After about 2 power cycles the chimes should come back.

I figured as such. No hard feelings

I have no DTCs. Which is nuts. I’ll start a new thread because it will get ugly quick. Lol

You could just continue on this one, no issues. Unless you want to do a PM, which is fine.

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But yes, I did check the DTCs. Nothing. As far as the resistance is concerned, the speakers that could throw it off is the rear speakers and/or rear pillar tweeters. I was thinking I might throw in some capacitors to remove the aftermarket cross over box. But i am lost. I did try some as built changes BUT didnt work OR i wasnt patient enough.

On my 2020 Explorer, I pretty much have the same quality paper drivers as the OP with the B&O package. Added a powered sub. Changed out the 3" mid and 6x9" mid bass in the front door with high sensitivity drivers (FaitalPro 3FE22, PowerBass direct fit respectively) and only have the front doors working (fade forward, stereo). Kept the soft dome OE tweeter because I prefer those over cheap metal dome tweeters and changed the crossover cap to higher freq. Sound is excellent but won’t play as loud as a complete aftermarket sound system.

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