Bad unit of measure for tire pressure

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Hi, since I updated my Sync 3 months ago, the tire pressure unit on the dash screen has changed and I haven’t found an on screen parameter for this.

Before, the unit was Bar and now this is in kPa.
I’m pretty sure that there is a code to change in FORScan but I don’t know which…

Can somebody help me ? Thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

This has nothing to do with sync 3 moved to asbuilt category

google suggests this

  1. Go to Settings on instrument cluster display.
  2. Select Advanced Settings.
  3. Select Display Setup.
  4. Select Tire Pressure.
  5. Select a pressure unit.

Hi, sorry for the bad category.

Yes I can change the unit but there is no bar, just psi and kPa

I know that when I updated my Sync to 3.4 via your site, the distance shown by Waze in the HUD was not good and in the chat I was advised to change a data with FORScan that deals with unit format or something and where the choices where “Motorola” or “Intel”.
I was thinking that maybe the problem is here ?

That setting did fix the issue for most folks, but Waze still has issues with Sync compatibility even in the latest releases. Visit the Waze forums…

The Sync update would not have changed the values in the IPC.
PSI and KPA (kilopascals) are universal measurement values for automotive applications. A BAR is usually not used as it is not granualar enough for the same applications. Other industries using higher pressure measurements it fits well.
1 BAR = 0.986923 ATM (at mean sea level, Metonic)
1 BAR = 14.5038 PSI
1 BAR = 100 KPA

However, there is a change you can make in FORScan to enable BAR measurement for TPMS. This is not standard on Ford vehicles.

How to add Bar to Tyre pressure unit - FORScan forum

Sorry but, you said that BAR is usually not used, but in France it is.
My other car (Renault Megane 3) display pressure in Bar and… my Focus used to.
Here is a picture:
Capture d’écran 2021-07-28 215032

Maybe he is wrong about that, maybe not, but try what he said.

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I looked it up, France does use BAR. The data is actually collected and calculated in kpa by the TPMS system, same as EU, and then displayed in BAR. Therefore, you have a 10% margin of error built into the BAR display. Accurate with kpa.

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A friend with a Focus send me theses photos so now I have no doubt:

Even if kPa is more accurate thant Bar, I want it to be stock. Moreover, this is better for selling in the future…

I will try your solution (that was not written when I quoted you) during the week and tell you if it works.


Lets be clear, if that is how it is stock then it is you or someone who modified AsBuilt for the IPC that has changed this, not the Sync update.

Simply download your AsBuilt from ETIS and restore the stock IPC AsBuilt.

My time to be clear: i’m not saying that the update is the culprit nor i’m not here to find the culprit anyway, so relax :slight_smile:

I’m just here because since the day I updated Sync3 there is this problem. BUT like I said before, I had to do manipulations with FORScan for the update completly work: there was the Waze problem, Sync that was not fullscreen, etc.
So I know that I caused this problem, I am the only one guilty.

I am just here to find how to resolve this problem because I know that in this place there are many persons that have far more knowledges than me with Sync/FORScan.

So, sorry if my first posts seemed to inculpate you, that was not the case at all.

I think language barrier is the issue here, i’m not blaming anyone either, simple saying that if you reset your IPC AsBuilt it will fix the problem (assuming ofcourse that BAR is stock behaviour)

Did you upgrade your hardware to Sync 3 from a smaller screen? Did your 2019 Focus come from the factory with Sync 3 with an 8 inch screen?

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