Bought wrong apim

So I accidentally bought the wrong apim Im upgrading my 2021 mustang apim to a 8 inch I was wondering if I can still use it or my original car apim and just program it or the apim I bought serial is KL3T-14G370-PLG and my apim is LR3T - 14G370 - BLS

There is nothing wrong with the K series APIM, In fact it is a pretty good one. It will work fine in your Mustang, but you need to make sure if it is a 2020+ APIM before you mess with upgrading software in it.

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Unfortunately it’s a 2019

Nothing wrong with a 2019 K series. Your actually better off with a 2019 one as you can reformat it and upgrade everything.

its a 4 inch apim

is that fine can i sill reformat it

I am not sure on the 4" stuff.

There’s no 4 or 8 inch APIM, they run different software, but on the same hardware.

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