CAN bus communication troubles

The setup:
2X MCP2515 chips with ATA6561 transiever
2-Channel Can Bus Expansion HAT Module - Wiki on a Raspberry Pi 5. I compiled SavvyCAN on the PI and I am ready to have some fun
The subject:
2013 Ford Fusion sync 1
The plan:
First, I am trying to access the HS3 bus via the ACM node. Ultimately, The Raspberry Pi is to replace the
ACM completely.
The predicament:
Unfortunately It is radio silence… as in when i initiate the CAN drivers on the PI, the dash goes down! When I say down, it doesn’t even record mileage!! I am not picking up any signals from the bus.
The HS3 twisted pair read 60 OHM across high and low When measured against ground, each wire is a fluctuating 2.5V.
Someone please, HELP!! Ive talked to people over at the Raspberry Pi forums and the setup and configs seem to be in order. I came across the github repo of a member from this forum regarding hacking into the sync network with an stm 32… which brought me here humbly searching for guidance. Im clearly missing something. I have scoured the internet for countless hours over the last few weeks.

So sending messages back and forth between the 2 chips works just fine. Adding in a vcan also works. So the issues appear to be coming from the Ford. Ive started pulling it apart trying to start with some visuals. It didnt take long to find some trash. Someone was on this CANbus network before and they left it a mess! This is the state of the wiring behind the gateway.

I’m going to continue to update this post until
A. I figure this thing out
B. Someone comes across this post who shines some light on what I am missing
C. It drives me to drink again (which will be evident by the long incoherent rants)

I cleaned up the dirty and open splices. I found 2 remote starters hooked up to the car! One was tapped into the MS CAN network. I disconnected both so i can start with a stock application.
Wanting to add a node on the MS network anyway, i spliced into the network behind the gateway.
With everything cleaned up, I am having the same issues while attempting coms with HS3. (as soon as I set can up) While attempting coms with HS1 or MS It’s radio silence…

Someone hacked the living $#!7 out of that poor car.

I really don’t know how it was driving properly…

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