Chimes through IPC?


Hi guys,

I have issue with beep sound from parking sensors, it does not come through speakers.
It’s pretty annoying, it happened 2 - 3 times before but after some driving it’s back to normal.
Today I was installing reverse OEM camera, and than replaced front speakers in garage and they connected to the amp. Before that I fit subwoofer only (here was all fine).
Short after I picked up my car I start hearing sound the from ipc.
The stupid sound comes when door is opened, seat belts and parking sensors.
Though in first place it’s battery issue, was driving for 200km and still the same.
So I do not think it’s battery issue.

In ACM test I got these errors:

Code: B1A01 - Speaker #1 AND Speaker #2

Additional Fault Symptom:

  • Circuit Open

In ACM I disabled “Front/Rear Speakers Detection enabled (if Int amp)/disabled & Antenna Type & Number of Presets”

But still no luck.
Anything you might suggest where to look at?


The ACM thinks there are no speakers connected and will route the sounds thru the IPC. In FORScan, reset the ACM and clear the DTC’s and see if the problem persists. If it does, you will need to fix the open circuit condition on the ACM.

Thanks for reply.
I did reset DTC’s and ACM but still the same.
And getting the error for open circuit condition.
Guys in garage connected all things.
Any guides how to fix it?

I have one more question, as no I forgot, are chimes going through only front speakers?
Front left and right or go on all?
Just a thought, if can somehow reroute in ForSCAN to go to rear instead of front?

It depends on the chimes or alerts. Information chimes like seatbelts and nav go thru the front speakers, where park assist chimes go to the rear, or area of the alert. If the ACM has a DTC and open speaker conditions, it will disable chimes and the IPC will take all chimes. If the ACM is showing an open condition for a speaker, there are 2 possibilities that could cause the DTC;

  1. The speaker is not correctly wired, or missing.
  2. The impedance of the speaker is outside of the ACM parameters and the ACM may shut down the amp channel to protect it. The ACM is expecting 4 ohms for most of the speakers Ford uses. If the speakers are not 4 ohms, this can cause issues. There is some leeway on this depending on the ACM model/application.

Thanks for clarification.
I thought the exact same thing.
Will try tomorrow with putting resistors from radio to amp and see will it fix the issue.
All speakers are working just fine.
Will see.

The ACM is saying the speakers are causing the issue, even though they are “working fine”. You might want to look at the make and model of the new speakers and check the advertised impedance. The resistors, if needed, would be placed in series with the speakers to correct the low impedance condition if it exists.

Can you clarify this…do you have a Sony or B&O amplifier as well as the ACM, or upgraded sound system with external amplifier? Are you referring to the ACM as the AMP?

I upgraded sound system with external amplifier + replaced front speakers, but speakers are connected to the external amp. Everything works except chimes. That dtc in acm module hope will resolve with resistors and get back chimes again.

Still the same issue. The ACM speakers were disconnected and are showing OPEN. The system will send all chimes, etc., to the IPC.

Did you use the rear speaker outputs for the amp?
Did you switch the ACM to line level mode to feed the amp?

The issue has been resolved with 2 resistors of 100W. For front left and right speaker.

Front speaker for amp.

Tried with this but was so low volume, parking sensors beep was low and did not reduce stereo volume.

The resistors placed on the ACM?

Let me review some ACM settings…Do you know the part number of the ACM? You can see it in FORScan 'Modules" .

No onto ACM.
See, wires from left and right front speakers, goes to resistors, from resistors to hi to low adapter and than in the amp. That’s the connection. I put 2 resistors for both speakers, I think it would be enough just for right speaker. See image of which type of resistor is installed. Will check that part number for ACM.

My setup:

  • Front speakers: Ground Zero Radioactive
  • AMP: Alpine 3555
  • Sub: SoundSystem 10 inch

When I said that I managed to get it to work (before fitting resistors) I set these settings in ACM:
*727-01-01 xx59 F8x8 xxxx
In this case chimes goes to speakers, but with low volume (general low, need to listen on 20), and did not turn down volume for stereo.

Actually, it is turning down the stereo (music) but you are getting the reduced output from the front speakers. Your connection is masking the change.

All good now, works as factory.

Good. Glad it’s fixed. I think your last couple of posts explained what you are doing better. The ACM was just not seeing a load to be considered a speaker, being connected to the AMP, which is a high impedance input. Adding the resistors fixed that and the ACM is now happy.

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:
Hope this will help someone in the future :slight_smile:

In which test did you get speaker errors?
I am having the same problem on a ford fusion. I get all the sounds from the cluster, not from the speakers. I don’t see any errors in forscan. The ACM test (radio and speakers) also passes without errors. But I can’t get my speakers to work instead of a cluster :frowning:


I had circuit open error on ACM test.
Really not sure, did you make some upgrades or it started out of blue?