"Connected Vehicle Features" and "Manage WIFI Networks" Settings are not available on SYNC 4 NextGen Ranger Wildtrak 2023

Hi All,

I’ve NextGen Ranger Wildtrak 2023 and I tried to activate the WIFI to receive the OTA updates. However I found-out that “Connected Vehicle Features” and “Manage WIFI Networks” options are not available within Connectivity tab of SYNC 4. I enabled the Customer Connectivity Settings from APIM via Forscan with the help of guides from @F150Chief . After this, both options became visible on Connectivity tab but the option to turn on “Vehicle Connectivity” is still not available under “Connected Vehicle Features” title, “Manage WIFI Networks” option is available but when I tried to turn it on, it asks me to turn on vehicle connectivity which is not visible. Also Wireless App Projection started not to work(Nothing happens when toggle is changed from on to off or off to on) after enabling those two options via APIM. I’ve compared my TCU asbuilt and GWM asbuilt with the asbuilt DBs of similar but I couldn’t figured-out what I need to change to correct this issue. Please note that activate button is also not available within fordpass app and I can see the Modem serial number on SYNC.

I am sharing my TCU, APIM and GWM configuration below and asbuilts as attachment.

I will appreciate if somebody can guide me correct path to resolve this issue.

GWM - Gateway Module A
Part number: MU5T-14G650-KAE
Calibration level: MU5T-14G650-KAE
Strategy : N1WT-14H021-KAE

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: PU5T-14G670-EUN
Calibration level: PU5T-14G670-EUN
Strategy : NU5T-14G676-DA
Calibration: MU5T-14G677-AAA

TCU - Telematic Control Unit Module
Part number: NU5T-14H074-GRB
Calibration level: NU5T-14H074-GRB
Strategy : MU5T-14H085-MH

Thank you.
TCUAPIMGWM_.txt (7.0 KB)


Can anybody help me about the effects/functions of below lines of GWM Asbuilt?

716-01-01 0288 0000 00A9
716-01-02 0002 9923 00DE
716-02-01 2B24 0100 0070
716-16-01 0080 0000 A85C
716-24-01 2054 5063 E049
716-24-02 1C40 0002 00A1
716-25-01 07BF 1F28
716-26-01 0000 0000 0044
716-26-02 0000 0045
716-27-01 2154 5061 E44F
716-27-02 1C44 1A02 00C2
716-27-03 0000 0000 0047 |
716-28-01 0400 004A

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0 MY22
GWM - Gateway Module A
Part number: MU5T-14G650-KAE
Calibration level: MU5T-14G650-KAE
Strategy : N1WT-14H021-KAE


With Sync 4 the only option you have is to have it Download updates from the TCU. I don’t believe Wi-Fi works for updates.

I am also not sure about that. Only reference I was able to find was below info from sync support page:

To receive new updates as soon as possible, [check these Wi-Fi settings]to activate immediate downloads via Wi-Fi. Otherwise, your vehicle will begin SYNC updates when available and when you’re connected to a cellular network.


I know this is true for Sync 3.

Ok, finally I was able to activate the connected vehicle settings on my Sync 4. I was also able to activate my truck over Fordpass app.

I am able to use remote fuctions like lock/unlock and start but those functions only work if I use them within 20-30 min following the shutdown of truck. I assume truck goes to sleep (this is not deep sleep mode) after 20 or 30 min. and then it is not possible to use remote functions. By the way, no matter how long the truck is a sleep, I can still see the updated vehicle stats.

Does anybody have any idea about what might be causing this issue?




How did you manage to enable the wifi, I have 2022 Expedition but there is no wifi button to enable it

I did asbuilt changes on GWM by comparing asbuilt DBs of 10 other vehicles. Those values were same on all other vehicles. However I have no idea which changes on which blocks enabled the Connectivity Option because I couldn’t find a spreadsheet containing GWM.

In addition to update on GWM I also changed below asbuilts from APIM and TCU module:

APIM: 7D0-02-02 OLD: C212 0088 40-- | NEW: C212 00D8 40–
TCU: 754-03-07 OLD: 1C40 86-- | NEW: 1C40 84

Note: I still couldn’t solve the issue to be able to use fordpass remote functions when vehicle is in sleep(vehicle is shutdown for more that 20-30 minutes).


Thanks for the info, the most important things to me is were you able to download and check for the updates

Yes, It checks, mine is pretty new and seems up to date according to ford.

I see, for me there is new update for sync 4a but the dealer they don’t know how to use FDRS and I don’t have access to it to update my sync

You may show them either of below videos, first one is Ford’s official video as far as I can understand

1- https://players.brightcove.net/5803674275001/default_default/index.html?videoId=6312310745112

2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdTdv4k6pjg


They know but either there are lazy to do it or they are stupid

So, I have a rough Excel sheet of GWM info. I am not going to share it because it is more confusing than helpful if you don’t know what you’re looking at, also very incomplete. Nowhere on there does it have anything about blocking Connectivity Options.

I made multiple value changes on below blocks which caused connectivity options to be visible but don’t know which one is actually responsible and how.


Do you have anything about which might be related with this issue:

I am assuming two options:
1- TCU is not able to pick-up fordpass action requests at all while the vehicle is in normal sleep, or
2- TCU is picking up the requests but it is not relaying those action requests to relevant module for door open/close or engine start.(this one is more likely because I can update the vehicle location info on fotdpass and that info comes from TCU. So TCU must be awake and receiving fordpass update requests I guess)



Did you import this vehicle?

nope, I bought it from local official Ford dealer.

What region is the GWM and TCU programmed to now? These need to be set to RW (Rest of World) for your location. (ANZ) You also need to set the modem type for ethernet or not, and if CCS is controlled by the APIM or TCU.

TCU region is programmed as Europe (754-01-01 1008 0000 0075) and country code is 5455 (754-10-01 5455 15). I don’t know if GWM is programmed to Europe as well because I don’t have a mapping spreadsheet for GWM but country code is also programmed as 5455 at GWM (716-08-01 5455 CF).
I’ve attached TCU and GWM abt files for reference.

When the vehicle is asleep(ignition off + 30 minutes),I think TCU is receiving the wakeup sms when I activate a function via Fordpass but TCU is not able to wakeup the GWM to initiate the activated function.

I did’t see anything related to modem type for ethernet in spreadsheets so I don’t know how to and where to change it :(.
I think CCS is controlled by GWM, TCU and APIM all together. Because I had to make changes on asbuilts of all three to correctly enable the CCS.


6FPPXXMJ2PPD25293_716_GWM.abt (3.6 KB)
6FPPXXMJ2PPD25293_TCU.abt (1.3 KB)

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