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Hi guys,

I just started using fmods.net.
Successfully made JB, installed video player, ssh and rear view camera on demand all works!

In new Sync version, for example in my (3.4.22110) and in notes says “Does JB works? Yes!!”, this JB is related to fmods.net?

I have APIM from 2016, Ford Mondeo MK5.

CPU Overclock looks very interesting to me and would like to give it a try, but I am scared :slight_smile:

Did someone tried this, how it goes, any negative experiences?
What about in hot days, is CPU fine?

In screenshots (of author) there is command: cat /dev/dvfs_client_1
Checking it with SSH and I am not finding file dvfs_client_1, have only dvfs.
Is this a issue or mod will create it?


Yes, it’s under the “Technical Information from FMods” heading…

Personally i haven’t got a jailbroken APIM, never seen the point i just use AA most of the time, i have jailbroke it in the past but now on this car.

I’m sure others will reply soon enough with their experiences though :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile:
What’s AA? :slight_smile:

Android Auto

Ah ok :slight_smile:
I am using it with aawireless :slight_smile:

This is how my dvfs file looks like, it’s different than author’s.
It’s clearly 1GHZ, hope someone can clarify it :slight_smile:

If you ask me, I would not OC (over clock) anything unless I can guarantee proper cooling.

As it is, Sync3 hardware is pretty low spec and designed to be like that. If you OC it, how much more performance will you get from it?. And you will put some stress on it.

Different sync units ran at different clock speeds

Yes I know, it suppose to be 50% faster, but yes adds stress.
As stated on fmods.net for this mod author said that APIM from 2016 to 2018 have same hardware specs as later APIM. That’s why I would like to give a try if it’s true :slight_smile:
If CPU speed is increased for 50% I believe it should be a lot more responsive?

Yep, questions is how much time will the APIM last after that modification. Maybe you should ask these questions in the fmods forums.

Waiting for answer :slight_smile:
But can’t resist and in same time scared do it :smiley:

Then don’t… Sync3 is not a gaming PC and the required performance is about average… My phone is more responsive than Sync3, but I expect a lot more from my phone than from Sync3.

Yes I agree to that…
…but on the other hand, all of us love to have our ‘gadgets’ to be fast…
At least I do :slight_smile:

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I’ve added it to the H series APIM in my C-Max. The immediate noticable change is a significantly quicker cold boot waiting for everything to get loaded, phone connected, etc… So far no negative effects I’ve seen but the mod is fairly new.

Another thing to keep in mind is these use old TI OMAP SOCs which were found in older smartphones (in my personal archive of phones, they go back to the original Droid and Droid X) which are usually designed with thermal throttling in mind so under a worst case scenario I imagine it’ll just get slower if it gets too hot. But that’s mostly an educated guess on my part. Take that with a grain of salt and all. I’m willing to take the small risk on my own. Replacement APIMs thankfully aren’t too hard to come by or expensive these days. But I can’t imagine Ford intentionally patching something like that (low level thermal throttling functions in the SOC) out especially with the APIM being passively cooled in an automotive environment and often buried deep in the dash somewhere.

thanks mate :slight_smile:
And what’s exactly H Series APIM, which year is that or?

This is absolutely correct. The Sync APIM will slow down to cool, just as any modern computing device will. However, clocking the unit too high would not allow the unit to cool sufficiently, so keep in mind the upper and lower clock rates and DO NOT disable the fallbacks.

H = 2017
J = 2018
K = 2019

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