DAB not working help / advice please

2 weeks ago i updated to 3.4, all good everything worked as it should.

Recently my ACM unit had to be replaced and since then I cannot get any DAB stations.
Do I need to re install 3.4 because of the new ACM or is it just coincidence?

If you select the dab button, nothing happens, but the fm station get lost afterwards and I have to turn everything off, lock the car and start over again.
Any help would be apprciated, I wasn’t sure if the 3.4 sent new code to the ACM unit.


Nothing to do with the apim, it’ll be configuration of the ACM needed of you’ve installed the wrong acm for your vehicle /region

Not sure why this has been posted in Applications, moved.

Thanks for the advice, it was a ford dealer that replaced it. Is there anything I could tell then, without sounding like know it all please .


Apologies my mistake

Surely you can just tell them the DAB isn’t working, if they can’t diagnose the problem then you should take it elsewhere, if you knew what the problem was you could fix it yourself, it’s their job to find the problem and fix it

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