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I upgraded the ACM of my 2018 Fusion Platinum Hybrid from an HS7T19C107XD to a LS7T19C107CC to get Sirius 360L and I’m running into an issue where the DACMC doesn’t seem to be active on the new unit. So DTCs in the ACM and DSP for not being able to find the DACMC
Looking at the AB for my car and one from a 2020 Fusion Ti Hybrid, they are identical
7D5-01-01 0800 00
7D5-02-01 01

I know on the XD it was built into the ACM and I’ve tried dropping the AB from the 2020 Ti Hyrbid into it (the only difference is the 2018 has antenna 2 enabled).
Any ideas?
As far as I know they did not go back to using an external unit in the 2020.

Rescan a new profile in Forscan and see if it thinks it’s still the same.

New profile shows no DACMC.
There are still DTCs in the ACM & DSP

I had the same thing with my Expedition when I swapped the ACM and I needed to Calibrate the DACMC which I could find nothing about doing this. So I have just lived with it since it seems to not effect anything.

With a Hybrid the DACMC is part of the ANC.

What about SDL H/L ?
APIM 51 to C240B 6
52 to C240B 19

Those connections will be needed but won’t affect the DACMC issue. That’s the control for the X40 sat radio. You’ll need to enable that in the APIM and change the presets to mixed mode.

The X40 is actually working, What is interesting digging down on the donor ACM AB is that it has an additional blocks going down to 727-24-06 that aren’t in the database.
Donor ACM.abt (5.3 KB)

After digging in with AsBuilt Explorer and looking at what it shows as part numbers:
2020 Fusion Ti ACM LS7T-19C107-CC Calibration LS7T-14D099-CC
2020 Fusion Ti Hybrid ACM LS7T-19C107-XC Calibration LS7T-14D099-CC
2020 Fusion Ti Energi ACM LS7T-19C107-XC Calibration LS7T-14D099-CC

Did the 2020 Fusion Ti Hybrid/Energi even have X40 ?

Yes, mine does.

I literally just found an older post of your’s

I think if you look at your full AB with ASbuilt Explorer you’ll see your part number as LS7T-19C107-XC which means that the Hybrid/Energi use a different ACM and only the -X_ has the DACMC built in (2017-2018 TI/Platinum only had -XD ACMs and it didn’t matter if they were conventional or Hybrid those just flipped the bit in the DSP for no ANC).

So I’m off in search of a LS7T-19C107-XC…
The DACMC missing has actually pretty much killed my rear deck speakers.

Memory presets. Blocks 5 thru 24. It’s a whole different structure from the older models. These handle the X40 and 360L features.

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Got my -XC in and all is good.
So here’s the recap, Fusion ACMs S7T-19C107-X between 2017-2020 have the DACMC integrated into the unit (and if you go to update the calibration for the ACM you do it via the DACMC not the ACM).
The 2017 & 2018 ABs are identical, 2019 & 2020 differ in that the 2nd AM/FM antenna was deleted but the connector is still there so you can drop your AB in or just make the bit change in ForScan and all is good, you’ll want to do the DACMC also as ForScan sees it as a separate module.
You can use any 2017-2020 -X_ in any 2017MY+ Hybrid or Sport with the A2B connector you just have to keep in mind that the 2020 ACM LS7T-19C107-XC is a one off year just like the LS7T-19C107-CC, it has the X40 Sirius in it.
So if Sirius matters to you and your are going drop one in a 2017-2019 you need an L series APIM as well as the ACM/APIM C240A pin 4 to APIM pin 28 / C240A pin 5 to APIM pin 28 wires and have to change 7D0-08-01 to xxx2-xxxx-xxxx (2017/2018 or a 7 on a 2019)
If you have had an L series APIM previously in the car with a 2017-2019 ACM, you’ll need to do a module reset on the APIM after the bit change or wait about 20 minutes after the unit is powered down before it takes effect.

Just a note: The proper firmware and asbuilt setting will bring any MY18.5+ APIM to function for the above. If you don’t care about the DACMC issue, most ACM’s manufactured after Sept 2019 that do not have a CD player have the new DRDL architecture with the new digital radio decoders for SiriusXM and DAB+. These start in the 2019 MY and continue on. This can be verified with the newer SiriusXM 8-digit ESN’s against the SiriusXM website.

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Also, there were some in the 2020 Fusions that had a CD player with the 360L support. I went out of my way to find one so I wouldn’t lose the CD player.

I found it by checking online sites for junkyards and only bought one I could clearly see the radio ID on.

Those are LS7T19C107-CC for a non-Hybrid and LS7T-19C107-XC for a Hybrid/Energi or a Sport (if somebody was doing a mod since there was no 2020 Fusion Sport).

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