Digital Cluster/Virtual Cockpit - Ford Fiesta 2018

Hi there!

I have a Ford Fiesta 2018 (mk8). Last night i successfully update from SYNC 3.0 to SYNC 3.4, and it’s flawless, no issues.
But i don’t want to stop here. I saw on youtube someone who have the 2019 Fiesta ST with Digital Cluster, and i want it too. He was saying that he have it from a Ford Puma.

And my question is:
My car is Fiesta 2018 Titanium with 1.5 Diesel Engine 85HP, and a manual Shifter (EUROPE). Can i install a digital cluster from any ford puma? It’s just plung and play or it’s required some coding?

And beside this, i want the LED HeadLights, have anyone tried to retrofit those?

Thank you for reading!
I really appreciate any suggestion.
(Sorry for my bad english)

That wouild be me lol

If it’s an ST you need a FB* if not a FA* model will work, no it’s not plug and play you need to code the asbuilt.

Oh lol, yeah. Appreciate it!
And should everything work with an FA* model? I mean, no errors, etc?

I will look for someone in my city who codes those things, maybe i have some luck!

These should work, right?

I believe so, I only have experience with the FB models

Thank you! I will get one of these clusters and meantime i will google for some tutorials about instalation and coding, maybe i can do it by my self.


Something like this? I mean it will be the same procedure @CyanLabs ? Just like this? So simple?