Digital Dash Retrofit

Hi, I retrofitted a Ford Puma MK2’s digital dash screen into my Ford Fiesta MK8, replacing the analogue cluster.

Upon doing this, my eco mode stopped functioning as a result of my digital dash failing to sync with my ford electrics system.

Is it possible to fix this issue with IDS/FDRS? Or will I have to take other measures?

Thanks in advance

IDS & FDRS aren’t going to be able to do anything with this unless you have a Ford tech get an online session with Ford Engineering so they can unlock engineering mode in IDS/FDRS.
Even then it will be a case of this being a modified vehicle, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.
The problem you’ve got is that the cluster is expecting a different source for the command so it may need a firmware/calibration change or you may need to make a change on multiple modules.

There is a YouTube where the guy refers to having to use the AsBuilt from a later model Puma for this kind of retrofit.

I was thinking the same thing because Ford Engineers wouldn’t be able to touch it since its a retrofit.
Would going to a Ford Specialist be any help?
Is it worth trying to change the firmware with forscan? Even if it is, I have no clue where to start.

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