Discussion about Maps NA 2.21 for MY20+

This may be a short discussion, but will see. If this needs to be in Help & Support, then mods please move it.

I have a couple of questions concerning the license for NA 2.21 and later maps.

First is the license locked to the ESN, VIN, or both.

I asked this because I upgraded my APIM to a MY20. I was able to download maps for my donor APIM and the license file. (Not sure what version of maps was downloaded.) When I go to Ford’s website now, it states there are no more updates for SYNC3 or maps and it does not give me any information about the current version of SYNC nor does it allow me to click a link to go to the map page. However, I can go to the map page directly and put the VIN in and get the option to purchase and update.

I assume that perhaps the VIN was reported to Ford as no longer operational and changed something in their database. I do not know.

I also have the latest maps and license for my original APIM. I am unable to use the maps as my original APIM is on SYNC 3.0 and has a different file structure.

So if the license file is ESN locked only, then I should use the donor license file to update my maps. If it is VIN locked, then I am not sure if my original license file would work. If it is both VIN and ESN locked, then I am SOL.

This brings me to my other question.

If I get to update my maps successfully with one of the license files, will that license file work for all future map updates or does a new file need to be generated each time.

The license file is ESN locked. But to get the maps from Ford you need to have the VIN and ESN to download.

No. They do not care. You can use VIN’s from destroyed cars as long as those vehicles are still eligible for the updates. A 2019 Expedition would now be in it’s 4th operational year, in some cases 5th. Maps are only supplied by Ford for 5 years, then you need to pay.

You can still update maps on a MY20+ vehicle with the donor ESN and VIN. You need to change the VIN in the BCM to the donor VIN, update the maps, then change it back. This will generate DTC’s which will need to be cleared afterwards. @bill32399 can clarify this.

The license file is good for the single instance of maps package.

So when I put in my donor VIN in SYNC update page for both SYNC Updates and Navigation updates it states “NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS VEHICLE” in each section.

Well I just updated maps without doing all of that. Have not tested it. What should I expect?

What’s the VIN? I use wrecked VIN’s all the time and have never seen that. I have seen that message tied to vehicles that were retrofitted. The 2022 Maps are not officially out on the Here.Com site so you won’t get a new one there no matter how hard you try.

The Maps are ECN and VIN tied. There is no way you could just download a random map and have it work. What F150 has said is exactly right as you would need the donor VIN attached to the correct APIM and have changed it in the BCM to upload the Maps and have it successfully installed.

…In NA


However I have that fixed now with the help of Au{R}on

So before I became aware of that information, I installed NA 2.21 with just the download from the donor VIN without an issue. Have not road tested it yet. What issues would I expect?

It it succeeded, all good, If not, you still have the previous maps. It likely succeeded if you did not get a license error message.

That is good to know. Yes it succeeded without error messages. Tested it out today and worked without a hiccup.

Question in regard to the 5 years at no cost, I was told the same, but Ford website wants to charge for the maps. My car was 3 years old from purchase date 4/14/2020

Several of us that have 2020 and newer cars are noticing this same thing.

I contacted Ford and my dealer ( no response) and Ford sent me off to the dealer UUGH

I spoke to Ford Navigation dept who again told me to contact dealer…yeah that isn’t gonna work. She then gave me the number for Ford CRC to voice my concerns. 18003923673. Maybe if enough of us voice it , they might do something about it

Sounds like the blame game.

Most definitely. I am flat out irritated with Ford right now. The recalls on my 2020 Escape, the TSBs, the issues with the Sync build…etc LOL

Is there a post where people are mentioning where they were told 5 years and now nothing? Also, not going to do a Nav upgrade before I update my Sync away from the 22251 build. I haven’t bit the bullet yet to do the cyan labs updater

2020 Fusion in my case and should have 5 years of Nav updates for free.

Yeah and getting the brush off by Ford