Door latch lock wiring colors

Does anyone know the wiring color for the driver’s front door “latch sensor”? I m trying to install an aftermarket shock sensor on my 2015 f150 xlt. I know I can use the hood sensor, but I don’t want to go that route

thank you do you know what color cables are use in the back doors?

I do not, Sorry.

This is for a 2015 F150, all doors.

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Hey chiefso maybe you can help me i added the following to my truck but i keep getting false msg from tcu sometimes im unable to turn on via tcu or keyfob remote start

Im using lr ajar door cable color green

The truck thinks the door is ajar and keeps activating the alarm function. It is obvious that the device you have connected to the door ajar wiring is causing a door ajar trigger to the vehicle security system and/or BCM. This will prevent remote start from functioning until the issue is cleared via key or key fob lock and unlock commands. The truck system is operating as designed. Be aware that using the door ajar sensor wiring for one door will not activate or protect the the other doors. I would review the instructions on the interface device and install it accordingly. Quite frankly, I would not bother with aftermarket devices for this vehicle, but instead purchase the Ford integrated system available thru the Ford Accessory store. This system integrates completely with the vehicle thru the CANBUS, and yes, it probably costs more.

Fixed it was missing a resistor 1ohm hey one more question

Secure Idle enable BCM 726-42-01 x1xx xxxx xxxx if engine is running but fob is away from vehicle, vehicle cannot be put into any gear does this work with 2015 ford f150 xlt ?

Secure Idle will work in an XLT. Ford implemented that on all vehicles in about 2017. If you see it in the BCM, it will work.