Downgrade mode when it is an upgrade

A very quick question that probably has a very quick answer.

About a month or so ago I upgraded from V3 to V3.4 20351 with F9 maps. It all went well and has worked ever since.

I just went to create a USB of the latest version (21020) with F10 maps and it says the install mode is downgrade.

Is this correct and is it safe to continue and use on my car? I used the same laptop and Syn3 as I used for the first upgrade and in the settings it said I was on 20351. I have also used the same USB flash drive that still contained the files from the first upgrade.

Yes it is safe as long as it is not a MY20 or more vehicle as it will downgrade then reformat.

Many thanks, but why does it say downgrade when it’s an upgrade. My car is a Focus 2014 with a retrofitted Sync3 (previously Sync1). The Sync3 bits came from a 2017 Focus.

Because the fastest way to install what you want (maps) is by reformating and installing everything. In order to reformat you can’t be at your current level, so hence downgrading. It will downgrade to a small 3.3, and then reformat to the desired version.

If your region is EU or NA, you could just update maps and apps with autoinstall, but will take for AGES (we have a user that spent over 2 hours for maps only).

So yeah, it’s a downgrade then reformat.
This is documented in the apps “manual” and page.

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