Downgrade question

Hello all,

I have a Mondeo 2017, I did the update and I don’t like it… maybe I’m crazy :slight_smile: but I want to return to 22110.
Syn3 Updater tool is updated with the current version (23088), I’ve created the downgrade stick and, my question is… that’s it? It will downgrade automatically and keep F12 maps (already selected in the tool)?
Thank you!

Sure, but no idea what you are expecting to get from going to 22110, what makes you say “i don’t like it” none of the UI is different

I had 22110 before 23… and, to me, the sound is better. I heard it the moment 23… was installed. Other than that everything is the same. I did the downgrade last evening and, indeed, the sound has a more deep base (subjective opinion :wink: ) Downgrade worked with Syn3 tool with autoinstal selected, no issues.
CyanLabs thank you for all the hard work you’re doing, highly appreciated in Romania!!! :slight_smile:

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