DSM problem after upgrading BCM in Fusion 2016

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Recently I’ve upgraded BCM (J-series, from 2018 Fusion) in my Fusion PHEV 2016, everything works fine but one thing: seat memory. The driver’s seat doesn’t adjust automatically when I open the car, depending on the key fob, however when I click the corresponding memory seat button it works. I compared wiring diagrams of the mentioned years and see there’s a difference in BCM wiring: 2016 has a direct wire from BCM to DSM, while 2018 doesn’t. Anyone knows what is that wire used for? I’ve attached the mentioned diagrams. Thanks.

The DSM from a 2016 is different than a 2018, but the functions are all the same. It seems to be compatible with the 2018 BCM as the functions work when you press the memory button on the door. The fob may be a different issue. You might have to reprogram the presets for the DSM with each fob to regain functionality. When you changed out the BCM, these settings got deleted of corrupted, so reprogramming each fob to the memory setting will be required. FOB association comes thru the BCM and is associated with the PATS system.

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X2 on this

Thanks. Yes, I did that with no luck. I even did it twice, first I removed the preset from memory at all and assigned it again. Memory buttons on the door work fine, but the fob doesn’t. My concern is that wire from BCM to DSM, which is missing in 2018 BCM at all. So, maybe the DSM doesn’t get power to adjust the seat when the door is being opened?

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Very good possibility. I think the only way to prove that would be to change out the DSM, unfortunately.

You could measure the voltage at the DSM C341B, pin 1 to see if there is +12VDC present. If not, you could jumper this from C341A, pin 1 to test. This would answer the question.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking of doing. At least, it’s the easiest way of checking this theory. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.

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