DTC in TCU U0100- U0140

I entered TCU KT1T-14G087EL.
On the 2017 Kuga, I downgraded to JL3T.
activated Fordpass, reads OBD. but I have DTC: U0100 ; U0140.
I ask the luminaries:
Maybe I need to make an update. firmware of the BdyCM and ECM/PCM modules. Thanks for help

Did you add a TCU to the 2017 Kuga? What country are you in? EU?
The configuration is invalid, according to the DTC codes.

KT1T-14G087-EL is an EU TCU. You should load the appropriate firmware. (JX7T)

Welcome back F150,
I solved all DTCs,
I have a Fordpass authorization.
I guess I can’t get remote start because of the manual transmission. my problem is that I can’t open the doors WITH FORDPASS. I am in Europe FORD KUGA 2017

I requested update files. firmware for the BdyCM, RFA, IPC, PCM modules, which Forscan offers, mine are quite obsolete, maybe I can solve it. Thanks F150

In a CGEA vehicle, the setting for remote unlock and lock is in the BCM. For a C1CMA vehicle, I’m not sure where the setting is, likely in the BdyCM. You would be looking for a feature called Global Open and Global Close.

You are precious as always