Electrical architecture

Sorry for the ignorance but does anyone have any insite on the different architectures ford used for their electrical systems? I see cgea1.1, cgea1.2, cgea1.3 and c1cma sometimes for programming purposes and cant find much info on what models of fords used what. Is there a list of the models and years that used what architecture?

Here is a wiki on Ford vehicle platforms:
List of Ford platforms - Wikipedia

Here is a good article on the subject:
Common global architecture applied to automobile electrical distribution systems (mit.edu)

I already searched through Wiki and have not found what I am looking for as none of these show anything about the type of electrical architecture they use. I think I understand that my 2015 escape is a CGEA1.2 and my 2017 f150 is a CGEA1.3. I was wondering if there is somewhere that lists what vehicles are 1.2 and 1.3 and so on? Unless I am missing something when looking at your links? I think I saw somewhere that a Flex is CGEA1.2 also, and maybe the explorer?

These are CGEA 1.2:
2009-2014 F-150
2009-2014 Edge
2011-2014 Explorer (not sure what the begin date is…)
2009-2016 F-250/F-350’s (Super Duty)
2009-sunset Flex
2010-sunset Taurus

These are CGEA 1.3:
2015+ F-150
2015+ Edge
2015+ Explorer
2017+ F-250/F-350’s (Super Duty)

These are C1CMA: Some are transitioning to CGEA 1.3…

This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks a ton! Im sure I will have more questions in the future as this stuff is super interesting to me

Any idea what a 2016 mustang falls under?

2005-2014 S197 is CGEA 1.1
2015-2022 S550 is CGEA 1.3

Thank you. Just wondering because I’m going to reload my asbuilt for my apim just in case I needed to know the platform. I tried a firmware update a few weeks back and got a black screen, after restoring it I’m getting a dtc for the apim saying something like not configured or something to that nature.

Is a list posted somewhere or did you just figure this stuff out? There are other models not in your list such as say a Fiesta or an Ecosport

There is not listing that I have ever found. I suppose there is, maybe somewhere on a Ford system.

These are both B platform vehicles which are kind of unique. They used to follow more to the C1CMA architecture.

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