Enable real lane assist?

I do not know if its because some hw is missing on my mondeo (hybrid 2018) or because regulations (I’m from italy) actually forbid this kind of assist… btw…

I think I have “lane assist” in my car, this button + this menu with settings, but is nothing more than a simple vibration+force feedback that occurs when you are not steering/following correctly the lines on the street…

The problem is that I was used to the lane assist of my dad’s VW Passat CC 2009 which actually steer the wheel by itself (like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwY8BnnIh6s ) which not only kept you inside the lines if the street was perfectly straight, but also followed the lines (on not perfectly straight streets, like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i9X8LfJT2g, think also about highways that changes their direction but in 1 KM of street, so, as example, you are changing your direction from North to West but 1 degree every 15 meter so the street is enough straight for the lane assist to follow). The lane assist had steering limit (2 times or 20 seconds of automatic steering), after that a visual+hearing cue alert the driver that he should keep the hands on the wheel and drive (but this limit could be lifted with some mods, I do not remember how but I read a post in the past on another forum).

I saw this https://cyanlabs.net/ford-apim-asbuilt-db/ obviously, and filtered by “lane” and/or “assit”, and found some results. Before trying them one by one I would like to ask if someone already did something like this, and/or if this kind of lane assist needs some special hw missing on my model (additional sensors? how/where can I know which sensors my car has?), and/or if someone know if Italian laws forbid this kind of tech (I’m expecting this kind of BS).

This is a little off topic for this forum as it really has nothing to do with Sync

This video explains how is should work, however, local regulations may not allow Ford to activate the automatic steering, you’ll have to look into that. You may be able to activate it using Forscan, you will have better luck asking about this in their forum.

In my Mustang in Canada my car does the automatic steering and even works around gentle curves in the road.

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This has been really helpful, thank you :smiley: