Enabling Navigation on Non Nav APIM

Other than 7D0 01 02 x*xx-xxxx-xxxx, what other values need to be changed in the as built data to enable navigation?

That’s it… but does your APIM have enough room for any maps on it?

First I am going to try it on a Non-Nav APIM and use a cutdown version of the maps. Then I will swap it with a 32gb APIM and install the full maps. On both, I would have to edit the as-built data but I want to try with the stock APIM first.

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If your APIM is 8GB, don’t even bother. If it’s 16GB, you may succeed with a cut down map package.

That’s my understanding but just want to try it. I will eventually get a 32gb APIM. Just wanted to verify what other values would need to be changed in as-built data.

We still do not know what APIM you have…
If you have an 8GB one, good luck and post back the results if you succeed.

It’s definitely an 8 GB APIM. I opened it up and check the sticker on the board. Can you confirm the values on the as built data?

I can’t, but from what I’ve seen NaviUpgrade already did.

You will not have enough room on the APIM for the maps to function, as you cannot load the required files, there is not enough room. Keep in mind that the downloaded files are compressed, and will expand to about 1.6 times that size to be installed. You also need to leave about 1.5GB free on the APIM for processing and installation, which leaves you about 3.0GB of space for installation.

How can I check available free storage?

By creating and running an interrogator log against the unit .

Got it. Thanks…

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