Expedition FCIM in an F150

I have a 2018 F150 Lariat with the 8" screen and B&O sound system. I have updated my system to V3.4 using the CyanLabs tool. Recently I retrofitted a 2018 Expedition FCIM into my truck. It provided additional controls not available in the F150. Namely a physical heated steering wheel button.

Anyways, I have installed it and it is mostly working. The only issue I am still battling with is that when I enter the vehicle or unlock it, before I start it there is no illumination for the HVAC controls until I actually start the truck. For example, when I remote start and I open the door, all of the controls in the truck will illuminate, except for the HVAC controls.

I suspect I need to change a bit somewhere in the as-builts for the APIM, ACM, or FCIM but can’t find the correct one. Can anyone provide me any assistance as to where I should be looking. Thanks in advance for any help.

I know F150Chief has done this also. He never mentioned to me about his doing this but he may not have noticed. When he gets back I am sure he could share his AB with you to see what he has.

I know is some configurations lighting only comes on for module that can actually be used.

That’s awesome. I’ll wait to hear from @F150Chief. I also had the same thought as you Bill, but would like to see if I am missing anything. I actually thought about putting my stock FCIM back in to see if it exhibited the same behavior. I just haven’t made the time to do that.

I checked my 18 Expedition this morning when I got in it. The HVAC lights did not come on for it so I think that might be built into the calibration and cannot be changed.