F150 & 18+ Expedition USB mod

This is not SYNC related but a Ford mod

Those that have a later model Ford F150 or Expedition will have a Cigarette lighter plug to the right of the Sync screen on the passenger side in the US. It appears the later Fusion model has a shape that would work for this also. These are rarely used anymore and when they are it’s usually to use an adapter for a USB plug.

The newest Ford’s come with a cylinder USB module now. These are all self-contained and do not require a separate power module that takes up more space. The 2nd and 3rd row plugs use the older larger ones. Ford has made this simpler and they snap right in. The cylinder module is below.

While looking at the plug I noticed it would fit one of these USB modules.

All I needed was a power plug that was rather hard to find. I found a harness that would have the small 4 pin(only 2 used) plug need to make this work in a 21-22 Bronco sport. The harnesses actually have 2 of the needed plugs. I soldered the wires in place of the old plug and now have 2 working USB ports. I am sure these could work in other Ford models if they had the right size opening.

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Do you have the part number?

May not charge as fast as a quick\fast charge charge lighter plug in, but it would be more useful in the back.
I guessing the harness plug is the standard lighter plug Ford’s been using for years.

LU5T-19J211 is the part number I used. It does not use the 3 pin lighter plug. It takes a new 4 pin plug I have never seen before. It appears to fit fine on the round Cigarette lighter plugs that have the round cap.

Charging seems on par. I will have to try and research the USB module to see if it does charge faster. Back seat of my Fusion is what I was thinking also.

If it is quick or fast charge you should see the screen on the phone change just like it does the actual OEM wall plug charger/cable.

There is no difference on my iPhone 15 whether it’s plugged into my fast charger or the USB module. Personally, I could care less about fast charging. It has a built-in wireless charger so I would never use it regardless. If someone is that worried about it than they can look that up themselves.