F150 BCM Retrofit

To make a long story short, I need to replace the BCM in my 2017 F150 Limited. My current BCM is a HU5T-15604. I just so happen to have a NU5T-15604 laying around my garage. I also have a NC3T-14F642 Gateway Module not being used. I have looked around (a bit hastily tbh) to find out if the retrofit is possible.

Is this retrofit possible to do and have my truck running when done?

Probably possible, but might be a lot of work, due to network (Canbus) changes that would need the be resolved. Although the ‘N’ BCM would likely support all of the 2017 systems and features, the 2017 truck would not support all of the BCM features. Also, you would not be able to use the old as built without changes, as the newer BCM’s are not line by line compatible. I don’t even know if the wiring pinout would align.

I ended up buying the correct BCM for my truck. I did get the newer BCM to work but not without bugs. I didn’t really take the time to try to fix them as I was able to have the correct BCM in 2 days.

I will note that the plugs were the same and both BCMs seemed to have the same pins in each plug. It would take a lot of time to verify the pinouts match. My truck is a 17 limited so it has Massaging seats, Adaptive Cruise, Lane Keeping. Trying to get the as built right for all of that even if the BCMs have the same pinout would take more time than I had.

I believe the N BCM is used in Sync 4 vehicles and being my truck is Sync 3, I do not know how much Ethernet and such would have played into getting things to work.

Nothing. Sync 3 is unaware.