Fan/Temperature repeater popup not showing

I have a 2016 Fusion and a 2015 Expedition. Both titanium edition. The Temperature/Fan repeaters don’t popup in the Expedition like they do in the Fusion. I understand they may be different due to vehicle architecture. I have gone through AsBuilt and the Easy method and both seem to indicate the Expedition Temp/Fan should popup. Reading through many posts here and, I’ve made many changes but can’t seem to get the popup. I haven’t found any Expedition posts though.

My AsBuilt is found on the decoder here:

I have the Repeater settings set to Enabled in the Easy method of ForScan.

Both were upgraded by me from Sync2 to Sync3 and are now running 3.4.21194.

Region is North America

Navigation? Yes

I do not have any error messages.

Dual zone climate with rear controls and rear a/c.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

A 2015 Expedition (CGEA 1.2) does not support the Dual Climate zone feature messaging for the popups. The Fusion is CGEA 1.3, so no issues.

Try this and see if it works…
7D0-04-01 xxxx xx** xx
02=Enable Climate Control Repeater for Single Climate Control

@F150Chief Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, making that change did not allow the popups to happen. I verified my change after reboot. I also note that in Easy mode I see that the Climate Control Repeater is now set to Single after reboot.

I have not seen anything that would make this work. That change works for C1CMA vehicles with the same issue, but I would say CGEA 1.2 does not support this.

No worries. I’ve lived with it so I can continue to live with it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your help!

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