Fiesta mk8 st fitted with puma dash with performance guages

Fitted a Puma ST dash changed the gateway module used the asbuilts from an 8.5 fiesta with the 8.5’s software also no extra parts needed

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Nice work, can you explain further?I have the puma st dash but gave up trying to get the guages to work

You changed the gateway module with a MK8.5 module?

Puma ST dash part number N1BT-10849-FAC
use the asbuilt from a mk8.5 st3 with digi dash for the splash screen and guages…

You will get comms errors with the ECU if plugged into Forscan unless you use gateway module L1BT-14F530-AD (Mines AA on the end)
These gateway modules are plug and play now the dash is ready for the ecu to send the signals via the can bus…

Now you need the mk8.5 software N1B1-14C204-BB instead of the mk8 software in the ECU


Nice thanks.

So i currently have the PUMA dash L1TT-10849-FBL i believe with the Puma Logo.

Looks like i have some work to do :laughing: