Fiesta ST mk 8 performance guages

Hello guys,
I have recently fitted a Puma ST dash to my fiesta ST mk8 i have also changed the gateway module so now have the mk8.5 asbuilt in the dash so performance guages come up there’s no errors on forscan when loading modules but only the water temp works…
The ECU part and firmware numbers are the same the only change is the strategy/software numbers i’m guessing that it’s the tune that tells the pcm to send the oil pressure/temp and boost readings to the ipc?
Has anyone retro fitted the mk8.5 strategy/tune to a mk8? If so how did you go about it? Once I get the PCM to send the info the guages are ready and I’m confident they will work…
Any help appreciated


You can’t without replacing many parts

Thanks for your reply…

What parts need changing do you have any info on it?
I think the oil pressure sensor?

I don’t unfortunately but I known it’s not as simple as you would think

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