FL center console in PFL FoST

Hello everyone,
I have a late model 2014 focus st. I recently upgraded the center console to the FL. I’ve also done a bunch of other forscan things to the car. I’ve always had a bunch of stupid dtc’s and it’s never effected anything. But now, for whatever reason, the shop can’t get the car to connected to the inspection machine. I did have a p160a code, I fixed that a couple days ago but in the process of trying to remedy some of the other DTC’s it came back. I would’ve just flash the original file before I messed with anything, but unfortunately the flash drive that had that on was washed. I don’t even know where to start, so any help would be super appreciated.

If any more information is needed from me I’ll be happy to supply everything i can.

Again, Thank you in advance!

Send me your VIN via PM…

What is “FL center console in PFL FoST”? I get Focus ST…

I suppose you have FORScan and a good adapter?

I apologize, I’m so used to just typing it that way from the ST forums. Facelift (2015- 2018) in Pre-Facelift (201-2014).

I do have forscan, I actually just “downgraded” from 2.4.6 because i saw your latest 2.3.5 firmware thread. As well as the OBDLink Ex.

I’m sending over the VIN now. Thank you for such a quick response.

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