Flashing USA ACM to Europe ACM

Hi. I have Ford Fusion 2017 with USA ACM hs7t-19c107-zd without a2b, i want to flash it to the Europe firmware to achieve full worked RDS with stations names support and broadcasting RDS to the IPC (now only APIM receives RDS from ACM, without stations names).
Anybody have VBF / VBF names for this? I have VBF name for 2017 ACM with the A2B, but I’m not sure if the firmware is suitable for non a2b ACM.

The hardware is different between US and EU ACM’s. Most likely will not work.

Hm, just saw reflashing USA ACM ks7t-19c107-cc to Europe acm with KS7T-14D099-FB file, but this acm is newer and have a2b, the man said it works.

The K-series APIM’s (later production models) have moved to the newer HDRadio/DAB chipset and can work this way. Yours is an H-series which has the older discrete chipsets, which are not compatible.

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