FM radio in conflict with DAB

Hi, on my ford ecosport 1.5 TdCi 2018 100cv, i’ve installed Europe version 3.4.21265 APIM without navigator.
I saw in the software package that the software for the DAB radio is present.
My device does not have DAB radio and when I try to search for radio stations (with the appropriate button that returns the radio list) an infinite search starts with no results.
how can i solve this problem?
Thanks in advance

You will need to adjust the APIM asbuilt coding with FORScan or UCDS to turn off DAB.

Thanks for the reply, I have never done a similar operation.
I find out how to do it.
Do you have any suggestions?

FORScan Tutorial Links - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

You will need to use FORScan and a quality adapter recommended.

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