Fm search problems

hello everyone, I am an owner of a 2018 Ford Focus mk4 in Italy. Since I updated the sync with cyanlabs, the automatic search for radio stations (Fm) no longer works, the search continues indefinitely. I tried to do several resets, does anyone know how to fix? thanks

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By “resets” you mean “master reset” ?
Provide the log for the USB you used to upgrade.

I did the master reset and also the reset of the apim and acm modules via forscan, but the problem remains. When I reset the acm module, the search works until I turn off the car. The problem arose after the reformat from 3.0 to 3.4. bho

And the unit is stock right?, not a retrofit or anything like that.
Please provide the log for the USB you used.

Yes, it is fitted as standard, tomorrow I will put the file

I just want to see the detailed build you are using.
You can always try installing an “older” build, such as 21165.

I have the same problem on Ford Fiesta.
I don’t know how to solve anymore… HELP!

Have you tried what’s been said before?

i tried with a reset, with a master reset, i reset the modules with forscan, it doesn’t work. I upgraded to the latest build available, the downgrade. I’ve tried everything !! :pensive:

To which version did you downgrade to ?

I tried 20351, 21194, 22200 and I currently have the build 21110 official.

At this point I’m not sure if this is related to some kind of as-built setting that needs to be changed, I do not remember previous reports like yours.

What I would suggest is going back to 3.3, which is the closest to 3.0 in both UI and funtionallity.

Again, going back with only Sync3 version is easy and fast if you do not touch the other packages (maps, and so).

I think it’s worth the shot.

Removing the radio fuse will work again, it works a couple of times and then crashes again.
If you downgrade to older builds it will work again…

Which older build solves it?

Build 19xxx, basically with all builds before 3.4

Sounds like a C1CMA support issue with Sync 3.4. I have not seen this particular issue, but there are other issues with C1CMA support with the newer builds of Sync 3.4 past 3.4.21020.

It’s update bug, there is no way to fix with this C1CMA?

Not that I am aware of.

Just to be clear, are you on 3.3 or 3.4?.
Both have 19xxx builds.


3.3 Version, upgrade to 3.4 the problem begins.
Resetting the ACM module and APIM it works again… then it goes back to charging indefinitely.
I tried to load AsBuilt modules with Forscan, it doesn’t even work that way.