Fm search problems

hello everyone, I am an owner of a 2018 Ford Focus mk4 in Italy. Since I updated the sync with cyanlabs, the automatic search for radio stations (Fm) no longer works, the search continues indefinitely. I tried to do several resets, does anyone know how to fix? thanks

By “resets” you mean “master reset” ?
Provide the log for the USB you used to upgrade.

I did the master reset and also the reset of the apim and acm modules via forscan, but the problem remains. When I reset the acm module, the search works until I turn off the car. The problem arose after the reformat from 3.0 to 3.4. bho

And the unit is stock right?, not a retrofit or anything like that.
Please provide the log for the USB you used.

Yes, it is fitted as standard, tomorrow I will put the file

I just want to see the detailed build you are using.
You can always try installing an “older” build, such as 21165.