Focus - Enabling Auto Wipers in BCM

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I have a 2018 Focus Titanium with the tech pack (adds lane keep and BLIS), I have the slot in the windshield for the rain sensor and I’m trying to figure out which line in the BCM correlates to enabling the BCM to start looking for the sensor. I’ve done this before in a Mustang but auto wipers are controlled through the SCCM instead of the BCM so it was easier to track down.

Does anyone know which line in the BCM relates to enabling auto wipers?

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2018-2019 CGEA 1.3 Ford/Lincoln vehicles.
Body Control Module (BCM)
Part Numbers: JU5T-AA*, BA*, CA*, DA*, EA*, FA, GA*, GG*, HA*

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers
726-34-01 xxxx-xXxx-xxxx

BCM (2018-2019) Database - CyanLabs

I saw that, mine does not go up that high. My module as-built list is below:

726-01-01 0180 0144 6A5F
726-01-02 0000 0000 3262
726-01-03 4138 5500 F5F4
726-01-04 1932 010E 3CC8
726-01-05 1D00 000B 0B66
726-01-06 9240 0100 4047
726-01-07 4003 7D00 00F5
726-01-08 0A00 1400 0054
726-01-09 0000 0000 0037
726-01-10 0000 0000 003E
726-02-01 0004 2323 7A
726-03-01 0101 33
726-04-01 0100 33
726-05-01 0033
726-06-01 0135

Looks like yours is C1CMA, not CGEA.
Try this…
As-Built Editor Ford Focus III (

There should be a selection for rain sensor.

Thanks that’s more on the right track, that shows it as byte 24 - 01 without rain sensor.

How do you know where byte 24 is?

I configured it to “02- with rain sensor” and downloaded the .xml file but I can’t see where it changes any code from my BCM or IPC when compared to the OEM as-built.

I am not sure how the coding export is working on that program. This is based on the Direct Config, not FORScan application. So I think it might need the FoCCus Direct Config to work. However, the option does exist in the asbuilt, so comparing a ‘not configured’ to the ‘02- with rain sensor’ might indicate the byte to be changed.