Ford Delays Android Automotive

Ford delays Android Automotive systems to late 2023 - 9to5Google

Ford delays Android Automotive - Google Search

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Interesting. Of course they said you cant upgrade from Sync 2 to 3 also.


To comment on the above:

With sync 2 and 3, the sync unit was pretty much standalone and other modules didn’t really rely on it for full vehicle functionality. Starting with sync 4, it’s an entirely new “connected platform” and the sync module is very important in terms of overall vehicle functionality. It is tied closely to the TCU and GWM.

If you were to attempt to retrofit android automotive (new hardware) into a sync 4 generation vehicle you would also need a new TCU, GWM and probably displays. I’d also wager it’s nearly impossible to retrofit into a sync 3 generation vehicle.

That all being said, you may still get the system to boot but nearly everything wouldn’t be functional. The android platform relies heavily on being able to communicate with other vehicle modules.

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Hopefully the Sync 4 hardware is modern enough to just allow the software upgrade on the existing devices.

I very much doubt it

It will not. These are completely different platforms and OS.

I mean it is possible but yeah extremely unlikely

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