Ford edge my2020 usa IPC

Hi! I have a problem with changing a language in my IPC module. I from Poland. I successfully update the sync 3 to newest version with polish language and maps but I can’t deal with changing language in IPC. I tried change values in 720-04-02 address from 5553(USA) to 504c (Poland) but it doesn’t work. Have you some advice? Thanks.

Could you tell me the IPC part number and info. It will be in FORScan under the modules tab. Also, post the asbuilt for the IPC. In FORScan, save the asbuilt as an .abt file and post it here or PM me.

Thge 2020 vehicles have changed a bit, IPC especially in some, so this might just be a FORScan app thing, or another address change.

It is not possible to easily change the language to Polish in IPC by coding.
Changing to this language requires replacing the software. I have already worked on the topic :slight_smile:

PS. But if there is a method that I do not know, I will be happy to know.

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I remember that. Thanks.

Looks like IPC is English then,

Of course but tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi! It is interesting. If I could I can help you with this topic. I see that you are from Poland also. Maybe we can contact via pm or mobile phone. Thanks.

I looked at the files you sent. This is similar to the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus cluster, which I was able to program with FORScan. However, I was not able to change the region coding in the cluster with FORScan. There may be a dependancy with another parameter or module firmware that would need to be changed. @tomtel did not have success with this either, so I suspect this is the case.

If you guys find something, let me know. Thanks.