Ford Focus Sync2 2015 - Map updates

Hello guys

Im new and newbie on this things.

I have a SD card from Ford F10 with maps, but i want update the maps to the most recent maps.

Can i update the software sync2 to sync3?

Can anyone explain how can i do that?

Is just a new card format and copy and paste the files (maps).

Thanks a lot

No you need to replace the SYNC 2 APIM with a SYNC 3 APIM

Thanks for the info.

And about map updates for Sync2 its possible?


No, we do not support SYNC 2 and you need SD cards for SYNC 2

The latest release from Ford for NA was A13 card, GM5T-19H449-AG. The newest maps for NA version 2.21 have not been released on the Sync 2 platform. Those will likely be A14, GM5T-19H449-AH.

this guy is probably EU since he said F10 so he will need to wait to buy F11 maps

Yeah, I was working with the NA NAV package just then and I guess I had NA on my mind. But the same applies, the F11 SD Cards will take a bit to be released by Ford.

HM5T-19H449-FE is the F10 card.

Hello guys

Yes i am from EU.

I was think if its possible burn some Maps INTO SD card.

Or at least get Waze or other APP from mobile to sync.


yes maybe but until the maps are available for SYNC 2 this is a pointless conversation

There is a “special” formatting a way to do that, and these cards can be found on eBay. Until the new maps are available, It kind of doesn’t matter.

Thanks guys

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