Ford Fusion Backup Camera - Flipped Image


I’m experiencing a challenge with installing a backup camera, originally from a Ford C-Max or Ecosport, onto my Ford Fusion Hybrid 2017. Despite their external similarities, there seems to be a functional discrepancy between the two.

  • Camera Details:
    • Ford C-Max/Ecosport Camera: Part Number “GN15-19G490-CA”
    • Ford Fusion Hybrid 2017 Camera: Part Number “HS7T-19G490-AE”
  • Problem: When I fit the C-Max camera, the display image is inverted. However, the Fusion camera works flawlessly. Both cameras appear to be identical in design, pin count, and socket type.

Note: I tried several Ford C-Max/Ecosport Cameras to eliminate the risk of trying an already flawed camera (tested and working perfectly).

Given the cost-effectiveness of the C-Max cameras in Jordan, I’m keen on finding a solution. Is there a programming step I might be missing, potentially through Forscan? I’m keen to understand the root cause of this issue, especially since the two cameras seem indistinguishable in every other aspect.

Thank you for your assistance.

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