Ford NA2.21 Maps to be Released

I see Ford updated their official maps page. Looks like the wait is almost over for those that have 2020+ systems, Sept 12th.

This will definitely be of help for those folks who own 2020+ vehicles that cannot reformat the APIM.

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Yea I have been checking also.

They are up now on the Ford website. Still requires a license file.

Just installed from USB for my MY2020. Took about 60 minutes. NA 2 21 now, and no problems with Sync 3.4 22200 from Sync3Updater that I updated last week.

So reformat still required?

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Yes, For anything that is not a 2020+ APIM. This is the only option for 2020+.

Unfortunately, there is no map of China. Can you tell me where to find it? CN221


Sorry I have no idea. Ford sells them in the US and I dont know how they release them in China.

China 2021 maps have not been released. (Or at least found.)

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