Ford Sync 3 TCU / Modem broken & ford dealer cant fix? can anyone help?

Ive got Ford Focus 2019 with Sync 3, the Connected Vehicle features worked fine untill Feb 2020 when the car stopped communicating to fords servers via the car modem. Ive taken the car back to the dealers 4 times now and they cant fix the issue for whatever reason. They keep telling us the TCU / Modem passes all the diagnostics they perform but the fordpass support keep saying the cars TCU hasnt checked in since Feb and that nothing can be done till thats resolved? So you can see my dilemma, Ive tried all sorts bits ive read online + used Ford Sync updater app which updated to 3.4 no problem, Ive disconnected the battery & removed passenger fuse 11 all without resolving my TCU issue. Now since the last visit to the dealer the cars now also come back with the Cars Microphone not working so I cant use my phone in the car now for calls or use the voice controls. I just dont know what to do as obviously the dealer cant fix the TCU issue and the fordpass people cant do anything until the cars TCU checks in. Is there any way I can perform TCU reset myself?? Or does anyone else whos had similar issue got some insight i could use???

Thanks in advance for reading and for any replies you might have for me…


I’d recommend you ask this question on the f150 sync connect retrofit forum as they have a lot of experience troubleshooting these, and just be more forceful with your dealer.

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ta pal ill try just that.

come on man you can’t just pass our users to a competitor community… just kidding ofcourse. yeah the F150 forum do have a lot about TCU’s

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Because I don’t have this copied:

Go here and read this,

This shows the TCU authentication process and what to do to get it done.

If your TCU will complete these steps, then the unit is good. If not, the dealer doesn’t know what they are doing with the unit.

This is true. Not their fault…but if the dealer did what they said, then the unit would have checked in. So…

Can you send me the vin? I can run it on fords side and try to connect to you car and see the last connection. To be honest most ford techs aren’t very Good with computers and they all hate sync. I’m willing to bet they barely even looked at your car. Ford blocks us as techs as doing and seeing a lot. Our TCU updates take 1-3 hours sometimes using fords scan tool. Also if everything passes and it still won’t connect then I would replace the TCU under warranty. Are you under 3 years 36k miles?

I can literally type in the VIN and then click the refresh button and it will look for the TCU. If it doesn’t update and if their is no codes. Then it probably needs a TCU. When I click refresh. It will show me all codes. Tire pressure and mileage… which honestly I wouldn’t want ford to have my information. Lol.

I upgraded you to member so you can PM.

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ta pal, loving the community and used the forddownloader its great. Got ODBLink MX+ on its way so will give Forscan a go at resetting the TCU myself??

Can I Do this myself by any chance?? The TCU def hasnt checked in since Feb and Fordpass data only there from when car parks out front of ours and hits our wifi! But far as TCU side its passed diags apparently but needs TCU Reset (I need to find out how to do this with ForScan and ODBLink MX?)


cars not even 1 year old yet lol

I would try another dealer. I would if it was me with no codes, program back to as-built and then update TCU software. If it still doesn’t work then I would replace the TCU.

Yeah my thoughts regarding the dealer exactly, TCU diag pass i found fishy as its all controlled within the car fordpass app settings the Vehicle hotspot and connectivity settings options which both dont work since feb. Also when you try to get into the vehicle hotspot settings for sec it displays a mobile signal meter icon top right corner of which has red X in it like you get on mobiles with bad sim or broken phone so that made me suspicious of the dealers feedback on the TCU issue!! (Dont know if this relates to TCU but the Modem Serial number is missing too)

Thanks again for all your help. Def taking to diff dealer!! Just so frustrating seeing as its less than 1 year old and we made sure all the optional extras were added to it. Connected Vehicle Features were great while they worked lol

It really sounds like the TCU is suspect here, and probably needs replaced. I would seek out a new dealer first before you try anything, just so they can’t say you did anything to it. Let us know how it goes, and if you need help please reach out.

My 2018 F150 Raptor was doing that. I don’t know what the dealer did, but I know it took them a while to get it working, and a lot of help from a Ford tech. If I find out, I’ll post it.

Yeah thats our next port of call Going to a new / different dealer. Users help here have been great though so thanks for your post and ill update how it turns out.

Did you ever get this resolved?

Lol I’m having the same issue on my 2018 Explorer. I did a module reset and took the vehicle out of deep sleep in forscan.

Thought id update my thread that Finally took my Forus to another Dealer and immediately they diagnosed the TCU was faulty so took 1 day to order then replace the day after and the car came back with Fordpass data again, Remote lock and Start is now activated again but low and behold Remote Start fails with Error since getting the car home but the Fordpass chat assures me that this is fault there end and Technicians are working hard to resolve the issue. So will give them till monday then contact again if its still failing but its 100% not my end now the TCU data is flowing again!

Thanks to the people that helped me initially and hopefully others can learn from my exp get ur TCU fixed lol


Resolved myself by logging out the FordPass app and clearing the apps cache then logged back in and voila Remote Start operational again! Thanks for the wrong info again FordPass app support lol but its cool as its Working again YEY!