Ford Telematics change esim phone provider

Hi All,

I have Canadian built F150 in Australia. the Fordpass App won’t work due to incorrect esim for Australia. Has anyone had success in changing the esim in the telematics unit?

I know the IMEI, and could register here with a local provider, but not sure how to update settings in the telematics unit.

Anyone had any success?


If you are referring to the Telematics Control Unit (TCU), then yes, the region can be changed. You will need FORScan and the correct coding for the unit. I am unsure if the cellular service will be supported properly, frequency and carrier, but it is possible. I have no idea who supports this in Australia.

FORScan can be downloaded via the link below and is free. you will need to register for a trial code.

You will need the info in this spreadsheet. Based on the truck originating in Canada, it looks like the coding you will need is 3C. (Based on the original asbuilt info for the vehicle.)

754-01-01 xx** xxxx xxxx
Vehicle Architecture (VA) & TCU Dest Region (TDR) & Optional Configuration State (OCS)
30=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR not configured, OCS configured
31=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR not configured, OCS not configured
32=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR North America, OCS configured
33=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR North America, OCS not configured
34=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR Russia, OCS configured
35=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR Russia, OCS not configured
36=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR China, OCS configured
37=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR China, OCS not configured
38=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR EU, OCS configured
39=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR EU, OCS not configured
3A=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR South America, OCS configured
3B=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR South America, OCS not configured
3C=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR Australia, OCS configured
3D=VA CGEA 1.3, TDR Australia, OCS not configured

TCU As Built Database.xlsx (35.6 KB)

You can obtain the vehicle Asbuilt here by entering your VIN.

Save the download file and print the webpage to pdf for the future.

Also, see this:

ok, great, thanks for that info. I already have FORSCAN and have set region to Australia. (managed to get my Navigation working with Aussie maps and the tools on this site).

My issue is with the telematics modem sim (service). It has the IMEI number allocated to an Electronic Sim in the modem. I think i need to replace the ESIM details with details from my local Australian provider.
I would think the modem is set to a Canadian provider and unlikely to have global roaming enabled for Australia.

Yes fordpass is now available in Australia, but i would need to buy a modem from an Australian car for it to work. (can’t find a used one as the service is new here).

Hoping i can somehow modify the ESIM and provider details in the modem i already have.


That would be correct, but I have no idea what that would be…do you know who the carrier is that Ford contracts FordPass?

This might be the best bet, but like you say since it is new, probably difficult.

This might be of help. Go to the F150Forum to this thread. There is a lot of info there about this subject, although not really Australia related. Some folks have changed Canadian units to US and other. Maybe there is some info you could use…

The esim is soldered, you’d need a replacement from another tcu as a starter, then find a way to invoke the dealer only initialization with a new sim. Put simply, this isn’t easy nor likely possible.

Your best bet is to replace the module with an aussie replacement from a wrecked vehicle. Search Ford 14g087 on eBay.

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I would agree with this. It might be a bit of a search but will most likely work right away when installed.

EDIT: This article has some info.

This is interesting:

The modem itself is fitted with an internet-compatible and global-roaming SIM card linked to all three mobile carriers in Australia – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone – while in New Zealand it is linked with Spark and Vodafone.

Meaning this is a specific model modem for this market. NA and EU models utilize only 1 carrier, rather than 3. Since the SIM cards in these modems are soldered in, the modem replacement option makes sense.

Thanks for all the info. Agree - best path is to find a local modem from a wrecked vehicle.

Will have to wait until one comes up or get pricing on a new one.