Ford wireless charger retrofit

Hello guys, I’m going to retrofit a wireless charger taken from Edge 2019 into my 2016 Fusion. I’m missing a wiring diagram from Edge, however I have a diagram for Focus mk4 which is not the same. Can anybody share it? I’m sharing the diagrams for Focus. I just need to know how to wire it with BCM in Fusion.

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I will be following as I would like to see how you physiclly do this. I have a 2020 Fusion and wish it had this feature. I will say I have it on my 2018 Expedition and it does not work with my iPhone 13.

That being said I am not sure you will find this same option on the Fusion BCM since it never came with one. @F150Chief might know if these have the same BCM’s in them though to make this work.

Let me see if I can dig up some pinout on the Fusion.

Well, it’s not hard to physically add it, I already did this before with a non-genuine module, here’s a description

However these days I’d like to replace it with an OEM solution.

Thanks! That would be nice.

Here are the pinouts for my 2018 Expedition. Mostly the same. CRT36 is gonna be the fun one to find.

I’ve found this for F150 and wonder if Fusion has the same pin.

Here is a 16 Explorer. You may just have to take a look at it. Should be like the 2nd pic. Question is will the circuit be there for it.

Check your BCM for the ability to control the WACM. Without the proper firmware and asbuilt the WACM will not turn on via the BCM. The setting will be in the 726-72-01 in the BCM.

Thanks! My BCM doesn’t have this setting. So, it’s not worth trying. @bill32399 can you check if you have this setting in your 2020 Fusion?

I will tomarrow… Err later today. :slight_smile:

Ok, no problems, thanks. Physically 11-th pin is present and not used in my BCM. So, my guess, having updated BCM firmware, or some of its cal-config files might activate the needed pin. However, it’s just a thought, might be worth trying. I wonder if it’s possible to update only one part of BCM firmware.

You will need to update the Strategy file for this, at least.

Ok, thanks. So, here’re my BCM files. Which one from the list bellow do you mean?

Strategy (F188)
ECU Configuration/Base Configuration (F10A)
ECU Configuration/Personalization Configuration (F16B)
ECU Configuration/Battery Configuration (F16C)
ECU Configuration/LIN Configuration (F16D)
ECU Configuration/BMS Engine (F16E)
ECU Configuration/Hardware Thresholds Configuration (F17D)

Got it, you mean them all. Ok, thanks.

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