Fordpas connect modem

Anyone know were to find the IMEI number on the connect modem sim in a 2021 focus? Can’t connect any phone to wifi hotspot and vodafone need it to reset the modem.

It is on the tag on the modem. FORScan might read it…

Can’t find were the modem is though. That’s the problem. And I don’t know how to use forscan.

Do you know this site?

I’ve registered my car and able to see the details of the subscription. IMSI nr, total amount (1000 Gb (!)), used data (0 Gb), and other info.

Maybe this can help you.

Yeah I have that. The IMSI number isn’t the same as the IMEI number apparently.

Look behind the glovebox…

EDIT: Bottom of the IP in the rear behind the console.

There is no phisical SIM in your car! Only a e-SIM integrated into the TCU unit.

But if Vodafone has the registration data (from their website, where you created your reg) they can read out the data from the TCU unit.

From other side there is a TCU unit reset function in the Forscan app. If you aren’t familiar with this, I think in a garage they can reset it for you.

Last thought that you need to log in to your account in your car. Without this it wont works.