FordPass Connectivity Issue

Hello guys I’m new to the community and wanted to ask if there is a workaround for my issue which is very common but I’m unsure what causes it.

I have a 2020 Ford Transit Connect that suddenly has lost fordpass connection. I attached photos of my SYNC 3 screen about details (as you can see the Onboard modem ESN is blank) and the interrogator file in hopes it provides enough information to possibly provide a work around to resolve the issue without paying a dealership. According to Fordpass guides (Don’t know crap) they say the last sync to servers were 4/1/2024 however the fordpass app shows a sync every once in awhile but at wrong address.

FORD TSB’s #SSM 51228, #SSM 49084, ect and many more cover this exact issue. Unfortunately there is so many open TSB’s for my vehicle and just about every single one of them involve a flash update that needs to be completed to fix. Dealership will charge arm and leg for it. I have a MVCI J2534 cable and ForScan but unsure how well that will work out. Any advice id be very appreciative for!

I have already completed key cycles as well as Master Reset several times, no resolution.
If there is additional info needed to help just let me know!

4 files


Interrogator file:

Sync_LY9G010V_NM0LS7E23L1452045.xml (10.1 KB)

Thanks @SaNdMaN for fixing the post, since i am a new member the system wouldn’t allow me to attach the files directly to the post without adding them all separately as comments.

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Try pulling the negative battery cable for about 30 minutes to force a full cold reboot of all the modules.
After that, open ForScan with no profile and see if it finds your TCU.
If the TCU is dead you should also see DTCs in the APIM when it can’t find it.

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You are welcome, and do not worry about it because I did notice you posted in segments because of a limitation for new users. That’s why I only made cosmetic changes for a better reading experience without saying anything , but that’s about it, you did nothing wrong.

In fact, kudos for a rich, well described and documented opening thread, that’s not that common. :+1:

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Yeah i would have completed that already, but haven’t yet because its a fleet vehicle with telematics.
So i wanted to avoid the email fleet is going to send me asking why the vehicle lost power temporarily, not that it would be a big deal or anything.

I totally agree though that probably would be the next best step to take, from my understanding these 2020 Transit connects have a secondary battery though dont they?

BTW i have experience flashing and programming toyota and honda vehicles but have no experience with ford vehicles.
I have a XH MVCI J2534 cable which techstream does find however it wont do anything with it which i believe is due to the driver im using for it setup for TECHSTREAM software. So i need to find a MVCI J2534 driver that works with it and ForScan… Any recommendations?

I know this cable supports most except one module that FORD uses that this cable is not compatible with.

Appreciate your help!

Haha thank you sir, yeah im an external tester for many big companies in the tech industry so i know to detail what i do find and know before publishing anything… ESPECIALLY when asking for help in a public forum.

Quick question, by chance is that limitation still set on my account or has that already been removed?

No, your user is no longer flagged as new.

Hoping that providing more info will prompt somebody who has an idea maybe how i can diagnose via Bezel Diagnostics menu?

TCU not present means 1 of 3 things"

  1. TCU is disconnected
  2. AB inside the APIM has been changed to no TCU installed
  3. You’ve got a dead TCU.
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check if your tcu it’s visible on Forscan.