Fordpass retrofit not giving me option to activate vehicle

So I’ve had the TCU installed for a while and I’ve done all the steps through forscan to get it reset and waiting for authorization and i haven’t received the option on ford pass to active the vehicle, sync 3 does show my modem serial and all that jazz and it has been instructed to see the tcu. the vehicle is a 2016 fusion. any help would be appreciated

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What TCU did you install and what model APIM? What are the firmware revision levels for the AIPM and TCU?

I’m using the JL3T tcu with firmware JL3T-14G087-CT and I’m unsure of my apim p/n at the moment but I’m using sync 3.4

Have you updated the APIM firmware to MY18.5+, if it is an older Sync 3 unit. If it came with the vehicle, it will need to be updated. It is possible to use the older firmware but there are restrictions. You have the latest firmware for the TCU.

APIM & TCU Files and Programming 20220108.pdf (511.8 KB)

You can see the part number in the FORScan Modules Status page or thru the bezel diagnostics like below.

I tried updating it to my18.5+ back in the winter and it soft bricked the unit and had to get your help with getting it recovered

I remember that. Do you still have the G series APIM or did you move to a J series?

I remember you were in Canada? Did you ever source a Canadian TCU (if this is the case)?
Canadian TCU, the Cert Model is TCU-B1. The US TCU is B2.

Wiring diagram for JA1T-14G229-AJ - Ford / Discussion - CyanLabs Official Community

I still have the g series, I sourced a tcu from an f150 but unsure if it’s Canadian or us but my other tcu no longer messes with the hs3 can line after switching my gateway to one I got the jl3t tcu (the tcu I bought I picked up from a local wrecking yard but don’t know where they sourced the truck from)

Also you wouldn’t happen to know what happened to connectedcar-sdk site would ya

Can you post the Asbuilt and FORScan part data for the TCU?

Closed for unauthorized use of Ford sponsored services. I should not say closed, but they were told not to distribute Ford related links and/or software. This comes down to Ford cracking down on third-party apps which try to bypass authentication protocols, etc., especially those who receive gain for the services. Not just Ford doing this. Volvo and others have come down on related parties in this manner. Using one of these apps (other than FordPass) will get your Ford account suspended. You will need to call them to get the account restored.

The 3rd party apps were also constantly pinging the TCU’s causing battery drain. It also caused alot of traffic through their servers.

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Then they shouldn’t have made their API accessible :sweat_smile: but then their ivsus all are so am I even suprised :thinking:

I guess ford will do ford

i currently dont have access to forscan at this moment but ill try to get this data for ya, if i have to i will flash the firmware on my spare tcu and see if i can get that one to work

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