FORScan 2.3.42 Released

2.3.42 release, 2021-08-21 (download)

Release notes:

  • Vehicle database update

  • Support for 2022MY F-Series

  • New configuration parameters for different modules and models

  • SYNC2 configuration parameters

  • Service function PCM “Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction” for multiple Ford models with gasoline engine 2010+ model year
    (if your car has no such function and you believe it must be available, please contact support)

  • Service function PCM “MAF Sensor Correction” for:
    Mazda 6 2.0 RF-T 2002-2004 model year
    Mazda MPV 2.0 RF-T 2002-2004 model year

  • Service functions PCM “DPF Static Regeneration”, “Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values”, “Reset the Intake Air Throttle Valve Learned Values”, “Reset oil change indicator”, “Reset the Water In Fuel Warning Indicator”, “Reset MAF Sensor Adaptation”, “Reset EGR Valve Adaptations” for:
    Edge 2.0 TDCi 2016-2018 model years

  • Service function “Read Fuel Injector correction factors”, “Change Fuel Injector correction factors” for:
    C-Max 2.0 TDCi 2015 model year
    F-Series 6.7 Powerstroke 2020+ model year ( please check this issue)

  • Service functions PCM “Reset the Water In Fuel Warning Indicator”, “Reset MAF Sensor Adaptation”, “Low Pressure Fuel System Prime”, “Reset the Low Pressure Fuel System Learned Values”, “High Pressure Fuel System Prime”, “Reset the High Pressure Fuel System Learned Values”, “Reset Crankshaft Position Sensor Adaptation”, “Camshaft Position Reference Adaption Learn”, “Reset the Intake Air Throttle Valve Learned Values” for:
    Fiesta Mk7.5 1.6 Ecoboost Stg VI 2013 model year

  • Service function IPMA “Lane Departure Warning System Camera calibration” for:
    Kuga 2020 model year
    Lincoln Corsair 2020 model year+ Service function CCM “Calibrate Cruise Control Sensors” for:
    Everest 2018+ model years
    Expedition 2018+ model years
    Lincoln Navigator 2018+ model years

  • Service function “PATS Programming” for:
    Transit (North America) 2017-2019 model years

  • Service functions BCMii, RCM “Crash Flag Reset” for:
    Transit Connect (EU) 2014 MY

  • New field “Calibration level” to the module description in the Vehicle->Configuration tab, information about module firmware updates are now related to the calibration level instead of part number

  • Information about module firmware updates for 2011+MY Mazda modules

  • Detecting too high baud rate for ELS27 adapters that may cause failure in some operations if v5.6 firmware is installed

  • fixed/improved service function PCM “Reset all adaptations” for last generation of gasoline vehicles
    (Fiesta Mk8, Focus Mk4 etc.)

  • improved service function CCM “Calibrate Cruise Control Sensors” for new models (does track progress now)

  • improved support for 2021MY
    (Ford Bronco, Mazda CX-30)

  • changed As Built blocks representation in Mazda RX8 2003-2004 ( here is the discussion about it)

  • incorrect BdyCM configuration layout for 2021MY Edge

  • failed PCM security access in service function “PATS Programming” for:
    Mazda 5/Premacy Y6 2010

  • model year- bug in service function RFA “Remote Keyless Entry and Start Programming” (that asked to turn ignition on that was impossible in case of all deleted keys) for:
    Galaxy/S-Max 2006-2009 model year
    Mondeo Mk4 2007-2010 model year
  • bug in “PATS Programming” function, “Module Initialization” sub-function for:
    E-Series 2009-2019 model years- incorrect checksum calculation for some As Built Data
  • bug in handshake procedure for Vgate vLinker FS
  • incorrect displaying some parameters (PIDs) if “All” module has been selected in the Dashboard
  • content fixes and improvements