FORScan 2.3.51 Released 2023-02-21

FORScan 2.3.51 Released 2023-02-21
2.3.51 release, 2023-02-21 download (

Release notes:
FORScan for Windows version 2.3.51 is released.

Added feature:

  • Vehicle database update
  • New configuration parameters for different modules and models
  • Configuration and Programming function PCM “Module Initialization/Relearn Vehicle Data” for:
    Fiesta 1.6 TiVCT FFV FGEC 2013 model year
  • Configuration and Programming function PCM “Transmission Characterization Update” for:
    Mondeo Mk5 2.0 TDCi StgVI with automated 8F tranmission
  • Configuration and Programming function RCM “Module Initialization/Relearn Vehicle Data” for:
    Transit Custom (V362) 2016 model year
  • Service function TCM “Clear Transmission Adaptive Tables” for:
    Mondeo Mk5 2.0 TDCi StgVI with automated 8F tranmission
  • Service function 4x4 “Neutral Tow Function” for:
    Explorer 2004-2010 model years
    Explorer SportTrac 2007-2010 model years
    Ranger 2007-2010 model years
    Mercury Mountainer 2006-2010 model years
  • Service function ABS “ABS Service Bleed” for:
    Falcon 2011/2014 model year
    Ranger P375 2011 model year
    Territory 2014 model year
  • Service functions ABS/ESP “Calibrate Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor”, “Calibrate Tandem Master Cylinder (TMC) Travel Sensor”, “Apply and Release Calibration (Assembly Test)”, “Enter Electric Parking Brake Maintenance Mode”, “Exit Electric Parking Brake Maintenance Mode”, “Apply Electrical Parking Brake”, “Release Electrical Parking Brake”, “Apply left EPB actuator”, “Release left EPB actuator”, “Apply right EPB actuator”, “Release right EPB actuator” for:
    Bronco 2021+ model year
  • Service functions BCM “Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration” for:
    Transit North America 2018-2019 model years
    Mustang 2020 model year
  • Service functions HVAC “Actuators Calibration”,“Reset the Outside Air Temperature Sensor Learned Values” for:
    F-Series 2020+ model years
  • Service function IPMA “Lane Departure Warning System Camera calibration” for:
    Ecosport 2018+ model years
  • Service function PSCM “Relearn VIN from Central Configration” for:
    Fiesta Mk7.5 2013-2019 model years

Improved/changed feature:

  • added/improved support for 2022-2023 model years
  • improvement in the service function PCM “DPF Static Regeneration” for Transit 2.2 TDCi 2006/2014 model years: reset PCM adapations in case if the DPF load has reached 250%
  • improvements in PATS Programming function (for models without push button):
    Edge 2011-2014 model years
    Expedition 2015-2017 model years
    Explorer 3.5 TiVCT 2011 model year
    Explorer 2012-2015 model years
    Flex 2013-2018 model years
    Taurus 2013-2017 model years
    Lincoln MKS 2013-2016 model years
    Lincoln MKT 2013-2017 model years
    Lincoln MKX 2011-2015 model years
    Lincoln Navigator 2015-2017 model years
  • small fixes and improvements to the service function BCM “Enhanced Exterior Lighting Calibration” (all models)

Bug fixed/removed feature:

  • bug: unable to access PCM in Bronco U725 2.3 Ecoboost
  • bug: unable to write odometer in Transit/Tourneo Connect V362 2018+
  • bug: unable to load SBL in some modules in configuration and programming function “Central Configuration”
  • bug: incorrect EVENT_TIME calculation in DTC freeze frame
  • bug: unable to write VID in the configuration and programming function “Vehicle ID (VID) block configuration” on some old Mazda CAN PCM
  • bug: incorrect reading fuel injector correction factors on old TDCi (bug appeared in v2.3.50):
    Ford Focus Mk1 1.8 TDCi 2001/2002 model year
    Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0/2.2 TDCi 2001 model year (before and after restyling in 2003)
    Ford Transit 2.0/2.4 TDCi 2000/2001 model year
    Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDCi 2002 model year
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