FORScan 2.3.53 Released 2023-04-27

FORScan 2.3.53 Released 2023-04-27

2.3.53 release, 2023-04-27 (download)

Added feature:

  • Vehicle database update
  • New configuration parameters for different modules and models
  • Configuration and Programming function IPC “Odometer write” (can only increase mileage!) for:
    C-Max HEV 2012-2019 model years
  • Configuration and Programming function TCM “Module Initialization/Relearn Vehicle Data” for:
    F-150 2015-2022 model years
  • Service functions for ABS/ESP module: “Calibrate Steering Angle Sensor”,
    “Calibrate Lateral Acceleration Sensor”, “Calibrate Yaw Rate Sensor” for:
    Mazda CX-7 (EU, J) 2006-2009 model years
    Mazda CX-7 (NA) 2007-2010 model years
    Mazda MPV 2006-2013 model year
    Mazda MX-5 (EU, J) 2005-2008 model years
    Mazda MX-5 (NA) 2006-2010 model years
    Mazda RX-8 (J) 2008 model year
    Mazda RX-8 (NA) 2009-2010 model years

Improved/changed feature:

  • added/improved support for 2023 model year.
  • improvement to the configuration and programming function IPC “Odometer Write”.
  • improvement to the service function “PATS Programming” for Focus/SMax Mk1 (2003-2007 model years): if outcode cannot be read from PCM, FORScan now tries to reset PATS in PCM.

Bug fixed/removed feature:

  • bug: random crash on startup.
  • bug: unable to initialize module in service function “PATS Programming” for Transit Connect (V227 North America) 2010-2013 model years in case if the car has no PATS Program Key functions.
  • bug: incorrect version of the ABS Service Bleed function for P473 2013 model year.
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