FORScan 2.4.6 beta Released 2022-06-22

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FORScan 2.4.6 is a public release.
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2.4.6 beta, 2022-06-22
Release notes:

Added feature

  • v2.3.48 functionality
  • Firmware database updates
  • Support redirect from the Configuration and Programming function PCM “Transmission Characterization Update” (see v2.3.48 release notes), to program TRID as a part of PCM firmware
  • Support redirect from the Configuration and Programming function PCM “Vehicle ID Block Configuration”, to program VID as a part of PCM firmware
  • New option “Ignore checksum” to ignore checksum mismatch after uploading (when ECU returns a checksum that doens’t match to the one stored in the firmware file for this block)
  • Support firmware updates for DCU-101, SID-208 (Transit 2006MY)
  • Incapsulting TRID block (currently programmed or downloaded from Ford servers) in firmware update process for PCM modules of last generation that require FEPS
  • Improvements in the PCM Vehicle ID Block (VID) Configuration function: if the procedure requires module firmware update function (MFU) to finish modifying VID, FORScan will start the MFU in automated mode

Improved/changed feature

  • bug: not asking to turn the ignition ON before programming for some modules
  • non-working “ISO15675=In application” option for vLinker FS (requires vLinker FS firmware update to v2.2.86), that made impossible MFU recovery for some slow modules
    (see Programming Guide, section “4.1. Troubleshooting: Firmware has not been uploaded”, use case B)

Bug fixed/removed feature

  • improved firmware update detection algorithm